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Remove the background of one or multiple images using the power of generative AI. Easy integration in under 10 minutes.

Supporting all major programming languages, including:
AI Background Removal

Use our APIs to remove the original background of one or more images, make them transparent instantly or replace background images with ease. With the power of artificial intelligence, the LimeWire Background Removal API is fast, accurate and among the most reliable image processing APIs on the market.

How customers use our Background Removal API
Online Shops

Drastically improve the user experience in your online shop by generating consistent and high-quality product images on the fly.

Reduced Time-to-Market

Automating the removal of backgrounds using our API will save your team precious time, removing the need to manually edit images.

Creation of Ad Images

Together with other AI image editing tools, the background removal API can help your business create tailored ad images in a fully automated way.

Integrate in under 10 minutes

LimeWire's generative AI REST APIs are built to be user-friendly and easy to integrate for both newcomers as well as experienced developers. On average, our users make their first API requests in under 10 minutes.

API Documentation
AI Imge Generation API Code Example
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