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Extend the bounds of any image in any direction with the power of generative AI. Get started today and integrate our Image Outpainting API in under 10 minutes.

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AI Image Outpainting

Our Image Outpainting API is making use of advanced deep learning and generative AI to extend one or all boundaries around an image by logically generating new objects and backgrounds based on the existing contents of the image. Scalable API infrastructure allows our systems to reliably handle thousands of requests per day and deliver results quickly.

How customers use our Image Upscaling API
Architecture & Design

Gather inspiration and ideas by extend the bounds of architectural images, such as buildings, appartments or other structures.


Integrate our API and use Outpainting to automate the process of adjusting images to fit the ideal dimensions of your online shop or web presence.


Extend the bounds of real-life photographs using realistic objects and backgrounds placed using advanced generative AI.

Integrate in under 10 minutes

LimeWire's generative AI REST APIs are built to be user-friendly and easy to integrate for both newcomers as well as experienced developers. On average, our users make their first API requests in under 10 minutes.

API Documentation
AI Imge Generation API Code Example
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