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Increase the size of any image without compromising on image sharpness or quality. Easy to integrate, lightning-fast and fully automated via our REST API.

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AI Image Upscaling

Our Image Upscaling API relies on generative AI and machine learning to increase the quality and size of any image on the fly. Results are provided realiably and within a matter of seconds through our scalable server architecture that handles tens of thousands of requests per minute.

How customers use our Image Upscaling API

Increase the quality and size of digital images for the purpose of producing physical prints, posters, wallpapers, flyers, and more.


Automate the upscaling of images in your eCommerce business and ensure high-quality graphics all across your online presence.


Professionally enhance photographs on the fly using our Image Upscaling API to increase the amount of details on your pictures.

Integrate in under 10 minutes

LimeWire's generative AI REST APIs are built to be user-friendly and easy to integrate for both newcomers as well as experienced developers. On average, our users make their first API requests in under 10 minutes.

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