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Leverage the power of generative AI to reconstruct parts of an image, replace portions of an image or retouch after object removal. All in real-time and using simple requests to our Image Inpainting API.

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AI Image Inpainting

Our Image Inpainting API leverages generative AI to fill in missing regions an image, remove undesired objects within an image as well as replace parts of an image with a newly generated object. Your results are retunred by our API within just a few seconds, and integration usually takes under 10 minutes.

How customers use our Image Upscaling API
Editing of Graphics

Whether it is for social media, advertisement graphics or art — automatically embed Inpainting as a feature into your application via our REST API.


Integrate our API and automate the process of fixing or enhancing professional photographs using the power of AI Inpainting.

Image Restoration

Restore images or photograph with ease by requesting our Image Inpainting API to fill or replace existing or missing parts within an image.

Integrate in under 10 minutes

LimeWire's generative AI REST APIs are built to be user-friendly and easy to integrate for both newcomers as well as experienced developers. On average, our users make their first API requests in under 10 minutes.

API Documentation
AI Imge Generation API Code Example
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